Thursday, January 10, 2013

Toilet paper tube wall art

This is a cheap decoration for any home, and in pretty much in any room. you can make big or small designs that look amazing. And another good part about these is that you can spray paint them any color.


1- scissors, toilet paper tubes (save them up for awhile), bobby pins, hot glue, and any color of spray paint
2- Thumb tacks ( for hanging up the finished the product)


1- Decide on a design that you want ( i would practice it a couple times)
2- With scissors begin to cut the cardboard rolls into the needed shapes.
3- once you have enough,or enough to last you a little while, begin to glue the pieces together with the hot glue gun, hold them together with the bobby pins until the glue is dry.
4- make sure that all of the glue is dry before moving to the next step.
5- After the piece is totally finished take outside or in a ventilated room, and begin to spray with the desired color (make sure you spray the thumb tacks the same color so they are flush with the wall art)
6- Hang in desired room and there you go.

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